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About Arrow Flow Company

Arrow Flow Company is a family business started by David Wiersum in 1980.  Having a background in heating, air conditioning, and commercial ventilation, David offered these services to the commercial industry.  Louis and Paul Wiersum owned an electrical contracting business and would often help David’s customers with their electrical needs. 

Realizing they could help the industry around them by offering a full line of electrical and mechanical services, the brothers merged businesses.  The combined effort was an incredible success.  Plant managers, superintendents, architects, and engineers suddenly realized that there was one company they could turn to for all their mechanical needs, and didn’t have to worry about coordination between the trades, so could spend their valuable time on other issues.

The brothers served a wide margin of customers, ranging from many commercial factories to other companies such as: 7-Eleven, the U.S. Post office, and public schools/park districts among other clientele, installing projects ranging from underground utilities, to public swimming pool pump station retrofits.  Competitively priced, and with all the services the brothers were able to provide under one roof, they found themselves moving many factories and relocating numerous machines.

Due to their expertise in all the mechanical trades, they found themselves in the unique position to advise their customers what utilities their machines would require, and could pre-wire and pre-pipe for the machines in their new locations, before the machines were relocated, saving their customers a lot of costly down time.

Along with all the other electrical and mechanical services we provide, Arrow Flow Company currently works hand-in-hand with a number of machinery riggers to provide their customers a turn-key machinery relocation transition, minimizing costly downtime.

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